White Pine School District #95


District #95, White Pine school, was established in 1906 created from the northern part of Spring Valley School District #84.  The first school building was located on the land donated by Robert Bell and built by Gabriel Anderson.

About 1912, the School Board decided to move the school building to a more central location for the children.  Again, Gabriel Anderson was the contractor to rebuild the same building. The second school was located south of Nora Creek Road. 

In 1915 or 1916, a fire destroyed the school and all its books.  Once again Gabriel Anderson rebuilt the schoolhouse, this time following the blueprints his daughter, Anna Marie Anderson Oslund, designed. It included an addition of the teacherage and a separate room for the library.  The building was much larger then the first two, with a low stage across one end of the room and a long blackboard against the full wall.

In 1938, the school was consolidate with the Troy Scholl District #31. 

Interesting Fact: Since the school was not used for seven years after the last school session, the land reverted back to the original owner, Howard Bell.  He sold the land to Anna Marie Anderson Oslund.  She in-turned had her son Alex Oslund Jr. remodel the school into a domestic home.  Thus, the grandson of the original carpenter, who built the school three times, converted it to its present day use.

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