Troy Cemeteries

The Troy Cemetery District was established in 1938. There are seven (7) cemeteries maintained in the District:

  • Bethel,
  • Beulah,
  • Burnt Ridge,
  • Dry Creek,
  • Little Bear Ridge,
  • Spencer, and
  • Wild Rose.

The President of Troy Cemetery District is Steve Spencer, any questions or concerns about the cemeteries can be directed to him. Please leave a message at (208) 669-0506.

Please click on the cemetery picture to learn more about a specific cemetery.

Burnt Ridge
Dry Creek
Little Bear Ridge
Wild Rose

Additional information can be found at the museum.

It has become the tradition of the Troy Historical Society to place flags on the graves of all veterans in the Troy cemeteries for Veteran’s and Memorial Days. In 2019, we partnered with the Troy 4H Club to place the flags since we have 215 veterans buried in the seven cemeteries.

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