Troy Historical Newspaper Collection

THSI began a project to digitize the historic newspapers of Troy to preserve them and make them available to the public. A Community Enhancement Grant (CEG) from the Idaho State Historical Society (ISHS) was obtained in 2019 to begin digitizing the newspapers the THSI had on hand and microfilm borrowed from ISHS. In 2020, a second CEG was obtained to digitize additional papers and microfilm copies that were found since the first grant application. As a result, there are presently over 2,700 newspaper issues digitized and available dating from the Troy Weekly News in 1903 through the 1985 Latah Observer.

You can choose to view these papers here via this link or on the computer in the Museum’s library. They are organized by year or name of the paper.

For a list of the digitized papers and their editors please click here.

For more history on the Troy newspapers please click here. Link Under Construction

This is the list of missing newspaper we are still looking for to add to our digitized collection.

THSI would like to acknowledge the assistance of the ISHS through their CEG in making this digitization project a reality.

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