Weaver (Spring Valley) School District #85


The Weaver School, also know as Spring Valley, was established in 1899. Originally named Dinsmore School after the Dinsmore sawmill located next door. The school was located east of Spring Valley road.

Interesting Fact: The school claimed the first hot-lunch in the country in 1913.  The parents furnished the food and the teacher and children prepared it (The boys washed the dishes).

Schoolhouse was remodeled in 1914 using the lumber from the Dismore Sawmill.  The remodeled school building had two schoolrooms for two classrooms when there were two teachers.  When only one teacher, the second room was used for a playroom in poor weather.

In 1939 the district was consolidated with the Troy Scholl District #31.

Interesting Fact: During the World War II years, the schoolhouse was used to make mattress as part of the “war effort.”

The schoolhouse was torn down in 1948.  Half the lumber was used to build a home in Plummer and the other half became a milk house on the Roy H Nelson’s farm.  The one acre donated for the school by John Nelson, reverted back to the Nelsons.

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