Troy School District #31


A map of Vollmer, predecessor to the City of Troy in the 1890, showed a schoolhouse between First and Second Avenue. 

Also in 1893, the Pioneer School was built and operating in Vollmer (pre Troy days)

built 1908

First year there were over 100 students, taught by three teachers.

Although country schools were established in the countryside all around Troy, the town school was growing.   In April 1907, the patrons of Troy School District voted a $12,000 bonds for building a modern, six-room brick school building.  In 1907, the school board ordered the plans and specifications change to include eight rooms.  By 1908, a contract was let for a building of eight rooms, two stories and basement, red brick with white brick trimmings. 

By 1908 the Pioneer school has outgrown the wooden schoolhouse.   The community built a Brick School to replace it. 

The Troy brick school building was completed in stages.  The first part was completed in 1908 on the present site

The number of students outgrew the original schoolhouse and it was added to.  In 1922, part of the hill behind the brick schoolhouse was removed to make room for an addition of a gymnasium on the ground floor and a large auditorium above it on the second floor

The Board of Trustees advertised the sale of the Pioneer School building with their stipulation that the board reserves the right to use the building for school purposes until the new building is complete. 

The Troy school continued to became overcrowded.  The PWA (Public Works Administration under Franklin D Roosevelt Presidency) began to build an additional Grade school for Troy. It was a brick building and was completed by July 1939.  Later in 1955, the school was officially named the “Anna Marie Oslund Grade School”

During the depression years and early World War II years, the rural school population began to decline.  The rural school districts begin to close, and consolidate with the Troy School District.

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