Pleasant Hill School District #51


Pleasant Hill School District was formed in April 1899 and the school was located ¼ mile south of Sumner Road and east of a dirt road. 

The schoolhouse was a typical one-room building, made of lumber with a large heating stove in the middle.  A woodshed was attached to the building and two outhouses were out back, boys and girls. 

Unfortunately there are no good pictures of the school house.  This one was taken in 1915 on the steps showing the teacher and students at the time

At times when there were not enough students or an available teacher, the remaining students went to other schools.  Kenneth Wery indicated the first year he went to Pleasant Hill school, second year to Miller Trestle, then back to Pleasant Hill.  Opal Spence White indicated in her fifth year, there was not school so she went to the Apsendale school for the term.  Then the next year, back to Pleasant Hill.

July 1936, the consolidation with Cornwall School District #19 dissolved the Pleasant Hill School District #51.

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