Hupp (Yellow Rose) School District #42


The Hupp School, also know as Yellow Rose School, was established in 1898. The School house was located east of Little Bear Ridge Road, near the cross road with Hill Road

The Hupp School land where the school was located was donated in September 1905. 

In 1938, electricity came to Little Bear Ridge and four ceiling lights were installed in the classroom.

This is a sketch of the school grounds from “School Daze”.

Note the stables for the horses of children that road to school

In December 1939, the Hupp School consolidated with the Troy School District #31.  A yellow school bus began picking up the school children in January 1940. 

The school building stood idle for a few years, then was moved to Jerry Wishmeirer’s place and remodeled into a home, which still stands today.

Interesting Fact: One of the former student reported in the School Daze that in the springtime there were Buttercups, Spring Beauties, Trilliums, various calochortus lilies, Lupine, and other flowers.  There were Pink roses, but no Yellow Roses.

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