Big Trestle (Miller) School District #46


The Big Trestle School, commonly known as Miller School was established in 1899 and located west of Wallen Road off Highway 8.

An early description of the school in 1919 indicated it has a large wood stove in the center of the room and in later years they switched to an oil stove with a tin and strap iron shield spaced about 14-16 inches around the outside of the stove.  Coats and overshoes were lined up on each side of the entryway.  Later years an addition was added to the front of the building for an entrance and cloakroom. 

This picture is available to view in our museum and has the names listed of all the children and the teacher

Interesting Fact: There was never electricity added to the schoolhouse and the boys and girls outdoor toilets remained outside for the life of the school.

In 1949 the school building was bought for $75 and was torn down for the lumber to be used to build a garage.

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