Big Meadow School District #57


The Big Meadow School District #57 was formed in 1899. The original school was located south of Orchard Loop Road.

The school building burned down in the forest fire of 1931 that also took out several dozen farms in the area.  The children attended school in the kitchen of the Atle Carson’s empty farmhouse until the new schoolhouse could be built.  By the fall, John Johnson offered to be the contractor for the new school for $50, if the community would donate the rest of the labor.  School was completed by 1932 and located where the Seventh Day Adventist Church is today on Big Meadow road.

The Big Meadow School consolidated with Troy School District #31 in fall of 1936.

Interesting Fact: Vic Nelson had a 1929 Model A Ford and was hired by the district as a driver to transport the Big Meadow children to Troy to school.  In the wintertime, Vick had a sleigh with a cab built on it to deliver the children to school about 3-4 miles away.

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