Little Bear Ridge Cemetery

Little Bear Ridge Cemetery was established Feb 17, 1893. There are ~57 burials.

The land donors were Joseph and Ethel Brock. When his father was buried in 1892, the land was still part of the family homestead claim.

The oldest grave belongs to Mary Frances Porter, born 1853 and died 1888. She was the wife of a Civil War veteran. Lorenzo Dow Porter apparently lied about his birthdate in order to join. Since his military headstone says 1845 (making him 16 at the beginning of the Civil War) and his family headstone says his birth year was 1847 (making him 14).

Interesting fact: A Native American woman is believed to be buried behind the maintenance building…..placing her just outside the cemetery boundary.

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Etiwanda Rail Cemetery Records: Little Bear Ridge Cemetery, Latah County, Idaho. (


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