Past Evening Programs

Our first evening presentation was held in March 2018. Karen Purtee moderated a “chat” about Troy schools with Dorothy Anderson and Inga Marie Swan providing the history and stories about the Troy school and some of the one-room school houses in the area.

The museum displayed models of two schools built by Ellis Anderson, and a variety of items from the school days of yore.

Schools and education have always been a priority in Troy’s history…even before Troy became Troy.

Thus began the odyssey of Evening Programs.

The second evening program brought a packed house. The museum filled to capacity to hear Earl Bennett talk about the railroad.

In 1892, John Vollmer established the railroad stop and called the place Vollmer. And though the name would change, he began the history of Troy that grew around the significance of the railroad. Lumber, fruits & grains, bricks and more were vital industries in Vollmer/Troy that depended extensively on the railroad.

Soon we found our local residents with interesting topics to share.

Troy has their own personal Apple Detective who discovered a lost apple right in Troy –EJ Brandt.

And a mountain man with all the skills used in Troy’s historical times — Vernon Illi.

Although the Evening Programs are presently on hold due to COVID-19, the plan is to resume as soon as it is safe to have large gathers. We expect to pick-up with Wednesday Evening Programs once a month. They begin promptly at 6:30 and usually last about an hour and a half followed by socializing and coffee & treats. The presentations are addressed for an adult audience but it is family friendly and all ages are welcome.

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